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Securing The Future

Next Generation Cybersecurity


Who We Are

Antimony LLC is a Virginia-based woman-owned small business providing comprehensive cybersecurity services. We work with organizations wherever they are in their cybersecurity maturity to craft foundational policies & procedures, assess and analyze their current cybersecurity posture, and master next-generation tools & controls that secure what's truly important.


Our Cybersecurity Capabilities

The Problems We Solve

Doing a deep dive to understand where your organization is at on your cybersecurity journey and provide clear direction on how to move forward

 Cybersecurity Assessment 

Cybersecurity Engineering

Designing solutions that align with your cybersecurity program and incorporate best practices from secure system design to zero trust

Cybersecurity Program Development

Translating the alphabet soup of cybersecurity standards into actionable practices for your entire staff, IT and non-IT

Cybersecurity Operations

Establishing robust cybersecurity operations with ongoing monitoring, vulnerability assessment, and management

Cybersecurity Research & Development

Incorporating next generation cyber defense tools to keep your organization's defenses cutting edge

In a Meeting

Take the first step towards
next generation cybersecurity.

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